Offering free legal advice to starting businesses

Startup & Stichting rechtswinkel

How we work

We are unique in combining advice from practising lawyers, with longer term specialised insights from our legal advisors.

Step 1

Get in touch and make an appointment for one of our monthly clinics. Alternatively, if you are a member of the AVS network, attend one of our open clinic hours on-site. Check our calendar for more information.

Step 2

Intake talk - you will be matched with two legal professionals who will discuss your situation, understand what you want to achieve and the area in which you operate.

Step 3

You receive an initial advice, which is then followed up on by one of the team you initially spoke with. They will do some research and resturn with a more detailed insight. This is then also made anonymous and posted online to help others in a similar situation. We make use of legal design to give the clearest possible help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The user group (clients) of the law clinic is formed by foundations and start-ups (under 4 years in business), with acceptance criteria that priority goes to start-ups and foundations with a social purpose (but this is not necessity!). They must be registered are clients must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. Communication with clients will partake (mainly) in English.


We cover the following legal areas which means we can answer questions regarding the following topics:

– Property law
– Contract Law
– Liability Law
– Corporate law
– Insolvency law
– Financial law
– Intellectual Property Law
– Tax law

Due to not many upcoming entrepeneurs not being aware of the possible criteria that NGOs and Startups face in their startup phase, such entities face legal adversions at different stages. This would not be necessary if there were more guidance in place during the startup phase. For guidance in the startup phase, students from the University of Amsterdam provide free legal service. During monthly lectures (clinics) on specific legal topics and walk-inhours, we try to efficiently match NGOs and startups with the relevant professional and student to create free legal advice.

Inhoud accordeonThe startup and foundation rechtswinkel will become Amsterdam’s first free legal
legal advice center for entrepreneurs. The rechtswinkel will combine professional legal advice
from legal professionals (through ProBono Connect) combined with in-depth student-led
student-led research to offer founders legal advice in a
clear and well-designed way. The law store will use
workflow automation and legal design to achieve these goals. 

We work on appointment/online basis only. Please submit your request here. 

We will get in touch with you soon!